Bespoke Boudoir Parties By Esme and Eve

Bespoke Boudoir Parties By Esme and Eve

Looking for an unforgettable and sophisticated experience for your bridal party? Want a sensational way to celebrate a special birthday or other milestone among best friends? Look no further than Esme and Eve’s downtown Los Angeles studio, where two fun and fearless female photographers will shoot you and your guests at your most elegant, confident and naturally sexy best.

Private parties at Esme and Eve may just be the ultimate girlfriend getaway. Marisa Gallegos and Jennifer Hoffman, are two fashion editorial photographers who decided to bring their professional expertise and dream team of celebrity makeup and hair artists, set designers and stylists to the boudoir genre. At Esme and Eve, they’ve amped up the taste level, traded fear for fun, and infused the experience with unprecedented positivity.

No cookie cutter sets, kitschy props or role playing here. Esme and Eve is devoted to capturing your guests’ inner and outer beauty and personal style through a highly customized experience in a real state-of-the-art studio that doubles as the perfect party setting. Their 5500 square foot, naturally lit space becomes your private playground, and can accommodate live music or deejays, special lighting and décor, massages, manis and pedis, cocktail bars and catered feasts or just about anything a client desires.

Packages begin at $590 per person with a 5-guest minimum. Each guest will pose for a mini two-camera photo session with full prep by Esme and Eve’s beauty and styling team. She’ll take home the picture of her choice presented in a beautiful raw silk folio. The images are suitable for gifting to a significant other or to one’s self as a timeless record of beauty.

“We absolutely love to do boudoir parties. They’re fun and out-of-the-box, but more importantly they really cement friendships in unexpected ways,” says Hoffman. “It’s amazing and sometimes even profound to see women who are scared to get in front of the camera in lingerie begin to relax, and then encourage and empower each other.” Gallegos and Hoffman know a little something about fear, friendship and empowerment. The two business partners and best friends recently jumped from an airplane – in nothing but their underwear. They came away with an even keener appreciation for the leap of faith they help their clients take every day.

The entire Esme and Eve team are also available to travel on location for parties if the client so desires. Recently, they orchestrated a boudoir party at a Palm Springs estate for a fortieth birthday celebration. They also have been chosen by a personal trainer and several of her clients who had re-shaped their bodies and wanted to show off the results of their hard work in boudoir photos as only Esme and Eve can conceive them.

Bridal party celebrations are an Esme and Eve signature, and can even be combined with wedding photography in a special package. Soon, Gallegos and Hoffman will also offer destination wedding and honeymoon photography packages.

To book your party or learn more, please visit or call 310.561.6561 for a consultation.

Bespoke Boudoir Photography Through An Editorial Lens

Couture and boudoir converge in fine art images at Esme and Eve Photography.   Named for the classical icons of love and creation, the company is the brainchild of two best friends and professional photographers on a mission: to portray authentic women at their most beautiful…confident, elegant, and effortlessly sexy.

As the founders of Esme and Eve, Marisa Gallegos and Jennifer Hoffman seek to reinvent the boudoir genre with a luxury bespoke approach that draws heavily on their lengthy combined experience in editorial and commercial fashion photography.

The photographers first met at the prestigious Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, California, where both earned BFAs in commercial advertising. Each would become a sought after fashion photographer in her own right, working with high profile clients like Maxim magazine, Geffen and Time Warner Records, and the Los Angeles Times. While following these parallel career paths, Hoffman and Gallegos were constantly struck by the way professional hair, makeup, lighting and lens converged to transform models who arrived on set looking unexceptional.

Eventually, Gallegos and Hoffman, who had remained in contact after graduation, had the same serendipitous idea. What if “ordinary” women had access to that kind of alchemy? What if cameras could succeed where mirrors often fail  – and help women see everything that is right with them?

So the two joined forces to create a brand of boudoir photography that would break the mold. “So much of what we see in this category turns a woman into something she isn’t, rather than focusing on her true self,” says Hoffman.  “We’ve replaced role playing with role models – real women who are confident, bold and beautiful.  And our goal is for them to become even more so when they step in front of our cameras.” Adds Gallegos, “Our clients are mothers, models, twenty-somethings, sixty-somethings, survivors, teachers, dreamers, doers, and above all – heroes.”

No two subjects are ever alike, and that means that every Esme and Eve experience is customized and highly collaborative. First, Gallegos and Hoffman hold a pre-production meeting with their client. In keeping with her personal style and purpose, vision boards are developed and directions for wardrobe, setting, lighting and mood emerge. Gallegos and Hoffman then assemble a dream team of hair, makeup and styling professionals – the same ones they use in their editorial work — to help execute that vision.

The resulting museum quality images are timeless, tasteful and make exquisite gifts for both recipient and giver. The moment a client steps into Esme and Eve’s 5500 square foot daylight-filled loft in downtown Los Angeles, a transformative and empowering experience begins. The Esme and Eve team is also available to travel on location if the client so desires.

As for the photography itself, says Gallegos  “Women see and shoot women with a special sensibility.   And when you have two women shooting  —  Jenn and myself —  you get double that perspective.” Every Esme and Eve shoot is like getting two shoots and two perspectives in one, since both photographers capture the subject from different angles and with different equipment.

Private individual shoots begin at $2500 and include a consultation, all hair, makeup and styling, a fully customized five to six hour session with two photographers and several different looks, and 10 matted prints of the clients’ choice, presented in a handmade Japanese silk box. Esme and Eve also offers extraordinary boudoir party packages perfect for wedding parties, special birthdays or for no reason at all. These begin at $590 per person with a minimum of five guests.

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