Today’s Meditation – “I Will Not Hurry”


Today's Meditation - "I Will Not Hurry", a simple prayer of meditation reminding us to see the beauty all around us. Scientists have proven that regular meditation slows the heart rate, promotes a positive spirit and helps relieve stress. This prayer of meditation came from the pocket prayer book that my mother gave to me on my birthday in 2007. It was a … [Read more...]

Healthy Food Tips from Dr. Andrew Weil

Karen Rasmussen, Dr. Weil, and Susan Irby

Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Andrew Weil after a cooking demonstration at his Newport Beach restaurant, True Food Kitchen, where he shared some of his key healthy food tips.  He, along with Executive Chef Michael Stebner, highlighted recipes from their cookbook, True Food. As a Certified Food Healer and specialist in Fitness … [Read more...]

The Newest in Skin Care

Antioxidant Rich Fruits

The Newest in Skin Care Reducing visible wrinkles, minimizing fine lines, keeping that natural healthy glow, these are some of the concerns countless women, and men, battle with every day as the days and years go by. With sales in the United States alone at more than $12.5 billion in 2013, skin care products are looking for their next boost through … [Read more...]

How to Buy and Cook A Turkey: Tips and Recipes

How to Buy and Cook A Turkey: Tips and Recipes

How to Buy and Cook A Turkey: Tips and Recipes One of the most daunting meals of the year can be Thanksgiving dinner. Those who don't cook very often are frequently pressured to "step up to the plate" on Thanksgiving and wow their friends and family. And, even the most experienced cook can still struggle with menu planning and how to cook the big … [Read more...]

Holiday Cooking and Baking Tips

Paprika Charred Octopus

Holiday Cooking and Baking Tips Whether you cook all of the time or you are under pressure during the holiday season to whip up something yummy, delicious, and beautifully presented, helpful hints can come in handy. Trust me, I've done enough cooking to know that when you are pressured for time or trying to please a crowd, simple notions can go right out … [Read more...]

Wine Country Word and Wellness Retreat

Wine and Wellness Retreat

Wine Country Word and Wellness Retreat Join me and two other top wellness experts in the Central Coast of California on Friday, October 24 through Sunday, October 26 for a mind, body, spirit weekend wellness retreat. Stay at the beautiful Lodge on Lake Nacimiento near Paso Robles and enjoy morning meditation, hands-on food healing cooking classes, … [Read more...]

Psyched To Be Skinny

Psyched To Be Skinny

Book Review - I don't often review books on weight loss but this one intrigued me not only because of the engaging authors, but because their book, Psyched To Be Skinny, is not really about weight loss - it's about eating with a purpose. The right kind of purpose. Meet Dr. Denise Wood and Susie Garcia, RDN. Both accomplished women with a compassionate … [Read more...]

Powerful Seeds – Flaxseed

Ground Flaxseed aka Linseed

Powerful Seeds - Flaxseed The first in a series of features I will be doing on the nutritional power of seeds, today's spotlight is on flaxseed which is commonly known by other names including ground flax and linseed. Before I get into the nutritional properties of flax, specifically, I'd like to point out that seeds, in general, pack bucket loads of … [Read more...]

Flat Abs FAST!

Flat Abs In A Snap!

Flat Abs FAST! Have a class reunion, wedding, or just want to shine with a flat tummy in a hot new dress? These easy no-fail tips will get you flat abs fast! Yep, just a few simple adjustments can help you reduce belly bloat and give you a slimmer, sleeker appearance in as little as 1 to 7 days, depending on the degree of belly bloat.   Tips … [Read more...]

Best Activities for Healthy Kids

Kids getting for swimming

Best Activities for Healthy Kids Adults hear quite often that walking is good exercise. And it is! Walking is even more effective when you put a little pep in your step and pick up the pace. Many people wear a pedometer to track their steps and I always advise taking the stairs whenever possible, skipping the valet parking, parking further away from the … [Read more...]