Where to go, What to do for Fall Exercises

Fall has arrived so use the cool, crisp air to maintain your bikini figure.  Walking, hiking and cycling are three fall seasonal favorites for exercises. Here are some tips and awesome locations to obtain your fall season workouts:


  • Warm up and stretch first. Since your body & muscles are starting a little bit cooler than in the summer workouts, make sure to do light stretches and a few minutes of low impact cardio in order to not pull any muscles.
  • Remember, it is getting darker sooner soto run with reflectors on if you think you’ll be running near dusk and ladies, especially, run with a friend.
  • Using light weights with a lot of repetition allows you to lean out your muscles.
  • When spending the afternoon with your kid’s at soccer practice, walk around the field instead of socializing or reading a book.
  • It takes about 30 days for the body to accept a new lifestyle, so don’t get discouraged and stop after 2 weeks because you are not seeing maximum results.



  • Jonathan Eshenour Memorial Trail: 13 mile asphalt trail perfect for biking, walking, inline skating or walking.
  • Imperial Valley College Bike Path: 3.9 miles asphalt trail made for biking and walking.
  • North Redondo Beach Bikeway:  .8 mile asphalt trail. Enjoy inline skating, walking or biking on this trail.
  • Aliso Creek Riding and Hiking trail: 18.4 mile asphalt trail made for inline skating and hiking.
  • Alton to Orange Street Bike trail: 2.8 mile asphalt trail for biking, walking and inline skating.