Roasted Chicken
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The Skinny Cuisine® alliance with provides Chef Susan Irby prepared home-style meals from fresh ingredients, frozen and ready to serve in 10 minutes.

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Skinny Cuisine® is the recommended fresh frozen meal plan for The Bikini Chef® Diet, for those too busy to cook and for those requiring special needs diets.

Our Skinny Cuisine® alliance with MagicKitchen provides Chef-prepared Home-style Frozen Meals delivered to your door. Soups, Side Dishes, Main Courses, Family Meals, Meals for Seniors and our alliance includes a Special Diets Menu serving diet needs such as: Senior Meals, Portion Controlled Meals, Low Sodium, Diabetic-Friendly Meals, Low-Carbohydrate, Heart Healthy, Renal, Dialysis Friendly, Gluten-Free and Snacks.

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Roasted Chicken

Homestyle Beef
Skinny Cuisine® MagicKitchen is the approved fresh, frozen meal home delivery program for The Bikini Chef® Diet. Following the #PFF plan as outlined in The Bikini Chef® Diet has never been easier! These delicious meals give you no excuses for sticking to the plan.

Let’s face it, there are days when you just don’t feel like cooking. Maybe you don’t have time. With Skinny Cuisine meals, you can maintain your diet and weight loss goals, save time in the kitchen and enjoy delicious, nutritious meals for you AND your family.

Skinny Cuisine provides fresh frozen meals that use non-GMO ingredients, are MSG-free, contain no artificial ingredients, are preservative free and use sustainable ingredients such as wild caught salmon, hormone free chicken, and organic vegetables.

Among the meal pack selections are: Chicken Tikka Masala, Turkey Piccata, Wild Alaskan Salmon Citrus Salsa Verde, Mexican Style Chicken and more delicious meals to choose from.

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Where do Skinny Cuisine meals get their delicious flavor?

Organic, GMO-free ingredients are seasoned with some of The Bikini Chef®‘s favorites… spices like paprika, cayenne pepper, mustard, garam masala, fresh ginger root puree, fresh garlic, and more!

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