FladeboeFladeboe Automotive Group of Irvine

“My Fladeboe Volkswagen is the perfect #SOBikini car for me! And the service is superb… if you need a car, you gotta go to Fladeboe!”

Visit Fladeboe Automotive Group of Irvine ~ home of Honda, Volkswagen, Buick, GMC

For all your car and service needs, Fladeboe Automotive Group of Irvine

at the 5 and the 405 freeways in the Irvine Auto Center

or visit  www.fladeboe.com



Fortun Finishing Touch Sauces

“Fortun’s Finishing Touch Sauces just awarded “BEST NEW PRODUCT FOR 2011”  from Progressive Grocers”

“Fortun Finishing Touch Sauces are #SOBikini, delicious and easy to use!”

It’s never been easier to prepare elegant gourmet meals in just minutes with

Fortun’s Finishing Touch Sauces

Twelve sauces to choose from including: Lemon Dill Caper with White Wine, Marsala & Mushroom, Mediterranean, Mulligatawny Curry,

Asian Style Pepper, Rajun Cajun, Sante Fe Verde, Stroganoff, Spanish Romesco with Saffron,

Spicy Mustard with Brandy, BBQ, and Four Pepper sauce

Fortun’s premium ingredients like fresh veggies, spices, meat stocks, wines and more make

these sauces deliciously #SOBikini

Low fat, low cholesterol, Select sauces Gluten Free, NO MSG, low calorie

Available at Ralph’s Fresh Fare