Healthy Food Tips from Dr. Andrew Weil

Karen Rasmussen, Dr. Weil, and Susan Irby

Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Andrew Weil after a cooking demonstration at his Newport Beach restaurant, True Food Kitchen, where he shared some of his key healthy food tips.  He, along with Executive Chef Michael Stebner, highlighted recipes from their cookbook, True Food. As a Certified Food Healer and specialist in Fitness … [Read more...]

Why Diet Sodas Are Making You Fat

The Bikini Chef

Why Diet Sodas Are Making You Fat   Certainly, there are no hidden secrets about the sugar and calorie content in soda. And, logic will tell you that consuming large amounts of regular soda commonly leads to weight gain. But, recent research shows even more that diet sodas play a significant role in weight gain in both adults and teens which in … [Read more...]