Marathon Training : Recovery Runs

Finish line Kauai Marathon

Marathon Training : Recovery Runs You've run, cross-trained, done water workouts, and now you've just completed your long run day. Logic would tell you the day after long run day would be a rest day. Au contraire (to the contrary)! Next day recovery runs are essential to a good marathon training program, here's why: 5 Reasons You Need Recovery … [Read more...]

RingSkin : Protect Your Ring From Dings

the RingSkin

RingSkin : Protect Your Ring From Dings When Ginny Pennell contacted me about her new invention, the RingSkin, I was immediately intrigued. I reflected on the many barbell workouts spent worrying about damaging my rings. Even when wearing protective gloves, my rings get scratched and dinged. I've tried leaving my rings at home, putting them in a … [Read more...]

Top 5 Essentials for Feeling A. L. I. V. E.

Interview with Cynthia Bazin

Top 5 Essentials for Feeling A. L. I. V. E. Cynthia Bazin is the Founder and President of SmartChic. Cynthia provides premier mentoring services for women. Her passion and expertise is assisting women in transforming their lives to have authentic success and happiness! She does this by inspiring women to take full responsibility for their lives and … [Read more...]

How to Buy and Cook A Turkey: Tips and Recipes

How to Buy and Cook A Turkey: Tips and Recipes

How to Buy and Cook A Turkey: Tips and Recipes One of the most daunting meals of the year can be Thanksgiving dinner. Those who don't cook very often are frequently pressured to "step up to the plate" on Thanksgiving and wow their friends and family. And, even the most experienced cook can still struggle with menu planning and how to cook the big … [Read more...]

Holiday Cooking and Baking Tips

Paprika Charred Octopus

Holiday Cooking and Baking Tips Whether you cook all of the time or you are under pressure during the holiday season to whip up something yummy, delicious, and beautifully presented, helpful hints can come in handy. Trust me, I've done enough cooking to know that when you are pressured for time or trying to please a crowd, simple notions can go right out … [Read more...]

Psyched To Be Skinny

Psyched To Be Skinny

Book Review - I don't often review books on weight loss but this one intrigued me not only because of the engaging authors, but because their book, Psyched To Be Skinny, is not really about weight loss - it's about eating with a purpose. The right kind of purpose. Meet Dr. Denise Wood and Susie Garcia, RDN. Both accomplished women with a compassionate … [Read more...]

Table for One: Tips on Dining Solo

Dinner for One

Table for One: Tips on Dining Solo Whether you are single, you travel alot, or both, dinner for one can be daunting when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Restaurant portions are often very large, ordering more than you need becomes customary, and eating because you are just plain bored are all factors that can pack on extra pounds for busy … [Read more...]