Food choices: lose weight faster by eating these foods

Bikini Chef Susan Irby recalls the foods most known to increase the metabolism.

Chef Susan Irby:
High fiber foods, spicy foods get your metabolism going. I mean come on, think about it, if you eat something that’s really spicy you start to sweat and it doesn’t have to be so intensely spicy that you sweat when you do it, but spicy foods naturally give an almost instant boost to your metabolism, and you want those energy boost because it helps you burn off fat, calories and also having a nice boost to your metabolism helps your body break down proteins.

So even when you are eating like the leaner healthy foods, like the grilled chicken breast or the fish, then those metabolism boosting and so high fiber foods broccoli, spinach, they are antioxidant rich. Anything like that helps processed foods through your system is going to help boost your metabolism, which is what we like.

About Chef Susan Irby:
With her mother’s teachings in her heart, Susan’s passion for cooking took hold. Soon, Susan began working in premiere International restaurants under Master Chefs in Florence, Italy and France. Returning to the United States, Chef Susan began teaching cooking classes for gourmet markets and culinary schools such as Gelson’s, Whole Foods, Chef’s Inc, and Sur La Table as well as preparing dishes for the Women Chefs & Restaurateurs Organization, Young President’s Organization, World President’s Organization, Bloomingdales, Los Angeles Unified School District Nutrition in the Schools program, and Saddleback Valley College, among others.