Restaurant eating: can i request a healthier meal?

The Bikini Chef teaches you how to request a healthier meal than the one presented on the menu at a restaurant
If I have a friend who is intimidated about making changes to the menu items at a restaurant, you know what, from a chefs perspective, okay contrary to a lot of the movies that you see where the chef goes ballistic if you make a change, a lot of chefs are honored actually to be able to present something to you thats new and different and want you to love it. So, it may not be true of all chefs and maybe you dont want to ask for something completely off the menu if its 12:30 noon lunch and there is a line waiting out the door. That might not be the best time, but you can still ask for modifications on a menu.So lets say that you go to a restaurant and they have breaded chicken, panko-crusted chicken breast with a red pepper remoulade. Most remoulades at a restaurant is going to be made with high fat mayonnaise or if its made from scratch it would be made with eggs and oil and usually some kind of cream mayonnaise and then the breading, the panko-crusted chicken. So a lot of times they will bake that, but a lot of times they will also lightly fry it.

So what you can do is instead of changing the whole menu item just say, Can I have just that chicken breast simply grilled,