Healthy Halloween Tips and Recipes

Healthy Halloween Tips and Recipes

Halloween Candy

Halloween Candy

This year, try to make Halloween a healthier one!  It’s no surprise that at the end of the holiday season many of us have gained weight.  That’s because the sugar overload began in October!  Yep, more candy is eaten on Halloween than any other day of the year.  This year,  keep off those unwanted pounds by starting the season making healthier food and fitness choices.  Healthy food choices are exactly that, a choice.  Holidays, including Halloween, can still be fun without the sugar rush.

Here’s how to enjoy the fun pranks and tricks and leave the treats in the cauldron:

– Trick or Treating: Walk, walk, walk those neighborhoods!  Get in the Halloween spirit, costume or not, and walk through the neighborhoods with your kids.  Walk through once for the trick or treating.  Walk through again to socialize!  Then, head up the street to your friend’s neighborhood.  Take turns manning the door at your house and get out and WALK.  Don’t have kids? Even more of a reason to get out of the house, walk the ‘hood, and become a kid again by enjoying the smiles and fun costumes.  Who knows, you just may find a haunted house, too.

– Candy: One of my slam dunk, a-number-one #SOBikini friendly tips for Halloween candy survival, avoid buying candy that you like!  If you don’t like it, you won’t eat it.  It is as simple as that.  After Halloween, many dentists pay money to kids who bring in their candy. Give your candy away to the dentist, whether they pay you or not.  The real reward is fitting in those hot and sexy holiday dresses which will be coming out of the closet real soon.

– Alternative goodies: Kids don’t have to have candy.  How about a pack of sugar-free gum, pretzels, or pop some popcorn and put it in cute little baggies this year.  Tie the bag with an orange ribbon, add a cute pumpkin sticker, and there you go!  Most kids LOVE popcorn and it is way more healthy than a candy bar.  Another cute idea, give the kids a Yo-Yo, cute ghoulish temporary tattoos, and stickers.  I’ve never met a kid that didn’t love tattoos and stickers.

– Feed your kids: Before trick or treating, feed the kids a healthy halloween meal that counts.  This will give them plenty of positive energy for walking door to door and will help keep them from gobbling down one gummy bear after another.  One of my favorite Halloween night recipes and what I am making this year… Easy Turkey Chili, recipe here >>> KewlBites Turkey Chili Recipe

– Send that candy packin’: Combine all the candy from Halloween into one gigantic bag.  Keep a few pieces of candy for the kids to enjoy for one, two, or three more days.  Then, remember what I said before?  Take the remaining candy to a dentist that is collecting it or donate it to a food shelter.  Regardless of where you donate the candy, get it out of the house NOW.  The last thing you want before holiday season really begins is feeling all doom and gloom as you sit in front of the TV with a witches cauldron filled with empty candy wrappers.  Ick!  Out with the candy, in with the fresh apples, berries, and nuts.  Whew, I’m feeling more #SOBikini healthy already.


Happy Halloween, everybody!  Keep it safe, keep it fun, keep it healthy.

With ghoulish wishes,

Your friend in health, Susan